CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — With new technology, there are more career options for kids to aspire to than ever before. The surge of solar and wind energy sources are providing more ways for youths interested in science fields to show off their creativity. KidWind Challenge is a great way for middle and high school students to compete with and learn from their peers. Dominion Energy was a proud sponsor of the 2019 contest. The event aligned with the company's own efforts to use more renewable energy. 

"We've been supporting KidWind since 2012," says Peggy Fox of Dominion Energy. "It's wonderful to see students learning about renewable energy." 

Dominion Energy has a history of being involved in local communities and education. The company is currently helping Fairfax County with a deployment of electric school buses.

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This kind of support is greatly appreciated by educators and organizers of the KidWind Challenge. 

"Businesses can help us teachers by providing mentors; not only for the challenge but for their careers," says Angela DeHart, an after school STEM teacher. "KidWind is an opportunity for students to involve themselves in engineering, presentation skills, and learn future careers. It's a great opportunity to do something that can actually benefit their future."

One of the winning teams of the competition hailed from Glasgow Middle School in Fairfax County. The duo built successful wind turbines.

"It's something new; something we've never done before," says Darren Nguyen of the winning Team Zephyr.

This year's KidWind Challenge will take place March 12th. We can't wait to see what these kids think of next. 

This article is sponsored by Dominion Energy.