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Host an event on any budget

Do you want to host a beautiful event, but don't have a big budget for the party? Here are tips to cut cost without cutting quality.

WASHINGTON, D.C., USA — If you are looking to host an event, but you don’t have a big budget to work with – don’t worry. You can still throw a great party without breaking the bank. Kimberly Gordon, CEO of Attention to Detail, put together tips on how to cut costs with food, decorations and entertainment.

“Food is one of your most important pieces, and one of the things I think is most helpful when it comes to food is to start with your local grocery store,” Gordon said.

She recommends picking up platters with wraps, chips or fun foods that are very inexpensive. Gordon also said this is a good time to lean on membership stores, like BJ’s Wholesale Club, Costco and Sam’s Club where you can buy items like crab balls and wings in bulk and heat them up yourself.

Credit: Kimberly Gordon

“Decoration and décor are so important, and really it’s all about the detail and attention that you put into it,” Gordon said.

To not spend your entire budget on decorations, Gordon said to make your first stop at the local dollar store.

“Candles go a long way when you are trying to decorate,” Gordon recommended. “You can get vases that come in different shapes and sizes, and then put floating candles in them.”

Again, your local grocery store could be a stop for flowers too. Gordon has used the grocery store to create flower arrangements for bigger centerpieces.

Another idea that combines food and décor is to create a nice dessert table. You can arrange the sweets in a beautiful way that also checks off the food box. Plus, if you pick up some balloons, you can add a balloon arrangement around the dessert table as well.

If you’ve never put together a balloon arrangement, Gordon said to turn to YouTube for some ideas on how to make a quick and easy arrangement.

Credit: Kimberly Gordon

“If you’re on a lower budget, literally you can have the balloons as your décor,” Gordon said.

Another idea is to put the balloons around a backdrop and use it as a space for your guests to take photos.

For entertainment, this is not the time to book a costly live band if you want to keep expenses down. So Gordon uses a speaker box to play music from a playlist.

“Every event deserves some level of music or entertainment, just in the background, because no one wants to come to an event and it’s dry and everybody is just standing around looking at each other,” Gordon said. “You want to be able to have that music in the background to kinda cover up other people’s conversations.”

Bringing in product vendors to showcase items like jewelry, cigars, or wine tasting can also save you money, especially if the vendors are bringing in their own supplies. Gordon said these vendors also provide a nice ice breaker for your event.

For more ideas from Kimberly Gordon visit www.AttentionToDetailEventPlanning.com.

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