Largo, MD (WUSA9) — Want to give dad a break this holiday? Let him relax as you man the grill. Here are tips from the PGCC Culinary Arts Center.

Marinate your meats properly. Depending on the feast you have planned, various pieces of meat need to be prepared differently. Chicken is best marinated overnight. Red meat needs far less time. For cuts with a lower fat content you can throw them in the marinade one to two hours before cooking. Tougher cuts can go in three hours prior.

Prep the grill. You know to season your ingredients, but the grill needs to be tended to as well. Brush it with vegetable oil before placing your veggies and meats on the grates. This will keep everything from sticking. Make sure anything that had been previously cooked on the grill has been burned off before starting your meal as well.

Know your grill temps. Your grill should have hot, medium, and low zones of temperature. As you're cooking, move the meats from one area to the next to ensure nothing gets overcooked. There's nothing worse at a barbecue than dry chicken.

Don't forget the drinks. You'll work up a sweat manning the grill; as will your guests waiting for the delicious meal. Cool everyone down with some icy blended beverages. Cheers to all the great dads out there!

PGCC Culinary Arts Center
PGCC Culinary Arts Center

This article is sponsored by Prince George's Community College. Learn more at the Culinary Arts Center.

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