WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Andi Lew researched online dating for four years by going undercover as a single divorced mom and wrote a book called #instalovers: Digital dating netiquette, DM disasters & love stories.

Lew says, "I found in the 'swipe life' culture, people really want meaningful connections."

Her book offers advice on how to best navigate the online dating scene.

"We need to be careful as to how we put ourselves on the market in this singles market, because there are some things you can do, which I explain, to help you have a meaningful connection and something that is safe," adds Lew.

Great Day Washington interview: Become a pro in the online dating world

You don't need to sign up on a proper dating app to spark a new friendship from an online source.

Lew says, "People are getting attention from what I call, a 'liking spree'.  So on Instagram for example they'll like a couple of the photos at the top, and then scroll down to sort of a month prior, and a bit of a follow."

A follow up direct message, or DM, after a liking spree help you get attention.  But Lew says don't overdo it.

"I recommend about 2 to 3 times and a follow.," says Lew.

Also, use the phone's features to see if the person who you are chatting with is someone that you actually want to meet.

Lew says, "Bring it to a video call, because then you can see if they are a fake person, or a real person, but learn how to block their number as well if you do a video call."

Check out Lew's book for more online dating tips.  #instalovers: Digital dating, DM disasters & love stories is available on Amazon.  You can also follow Andi on Instagram @andi.lew.

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