WASHINGTON D.C., DC — Finding out you're pregnant can be the happiest time in many women's lives. But it is also overwhelming and stressful. Mayor Muriel Bowser wants every community in the district to understand the health risks women face. To spread this awareness Mayor Bowser will host the National Maternal and Infant Health Summit at the Washington Convention Center Tuesday, September, 10. Many of DC's most knowledgeable representatives will be on hand to provide information and encouragement.  

Jessica Nash, MD, FAAP of Children's National Health System will be one of the experts lending a helping hand. "Often moms don't realize the other resources in their communities," says Nash. "Breastfeeding support, pediatrician support, doula support. We just want moms to know where these support systems are."

Children's National Health System strives to promote health in the environment for moms before they have their baby. This includes safe sleep spaces for babies, immunizations, and prenatal care. "This even goes beyond having the baby; knowing they have to have patience and perseverance when they have a new baby at home," says Nash. The resources at the National Maternal and Infant Health Summit can help women discover that patience and perseverance within themselves. 

For more information on the summit visit www.dcmaternalhealth.com.