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Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Dept rewarded by Apple Federal Credit Union

The cadets got to cool down with a sweet treat.

FAIRFAX, Va. — Being a firefighter takes an unbelievable amount of courage. These men and women risk their lives on a daily basis. Since April 15, 2019, the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Academy's 145th recruiting class has been training to be the best.  After a rigorous program, a reward was in order and that's where Apple Federal Credit Union stepped in. 

"It's very physical; it's very demanding. It takes a lot of their time," said Robert Sowell, Senior VP of Apple Federal Credit Union. "But for the majority of the recruits, it's a lifelong opportunity and a career they've looked forward to. We want to help them celebrate."

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That celebration came in the form of ice cream from Scoops2U. After the final day of training when the recruits completed their testing, the ice cream truck came to the firehouse to deliver the delicious surprise.

"We don't typically get treats like this because of our rigorous training program, but it's good every once in a while to indulge and have some fun," said LT. Clyde Monroe. The Basic Training Officer is incredibly proud of his recruits. "It's been really rewarding as an instructor to see the transformation in them from April 15th to where they are today." Fairfax County is lucky to have this team fighting for them every day.

This article is sponsored by Apple Federal Credit Union

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