Ever wonder what it would be like to race around the world as a contestant on “The Amazing Race”?

Meet Tara Carr from Alexandria, Virginia.

She’s an officer in the Army and mother of four children.

Tara is currently serving abroad but took some time via Skype to answer our questions about Season 29 of “The Amazing Race” that premieres tonight at 10 p.m. on WUSA9.

Question: Besides the obvious chance to win $1 Million Dollars, why join “The Amazing Race?"

Tara: I have been a ‘superfan’ of The Amazing Race since the very first episode. I was a new college graduate in 2001 and on my first assignment overseas in Germany I remember watching it on the Armed Forces Network. I remember thinking ‘Oh my Gosh’ I love that show and I’m going to do that one day. I would crush it.

Q: There are police officers, firefighters, and other military members amongst this year’s contestants – tough competition or a welcome challenge?

Tara: Going into the race we were all complete strangers and no one knew who anybody was so at that point I didn’t know that there were other strong contenders such as firefighters and other military members but the entire cast – all 22 of us – are very strong individuals and I think with it being a mystery partner season any single one of them would have been a great partner.

Q: Anything you can tell us about your mystery partner?

Tara: I can’t tell you anything yet but I can say that I ended up with a fantastic partner and part of what I was looking for was just someone to really have fun with. I can say that we laughed the whole way through and it was the adventure of a lifetime.

Q: Can we expect drama amongst any of the teams?

Tara: This season will be full of drama. I can guarantee you that. Especially when you take 22 strangers and put them together there’s going to be personality clashes – again we’re all very strong…some of us more hard headed than others and competitive so when everybody’s thirsty for that million dollars there are going to be some personality conflicts and that leads to drama so this season will be full of that.

Q: Did your military experience help?

Tara: My military experience absolutely helped me adapt to working with a stranger. In the military you’ve got all walks of life. I’ve been doing this for 20 years so I’m very comfortable around people with all different kinds of personalities. I knew that no matter who my partner was that we were going to be there for the same reason which was to win and I kind of don’t let things bother me. Sometimes you just have to let things roll of your shoulder and move out and move on to the next thing. So if there was any kinds of points of contention we just refocused and moved on to the next thing and didn’t hold any grudges.

Q: When do the racers get to eat?

Tara: When racing you eat when you can. You eat on the go. Most of the time we were able to eat after The Pit Stop so depending on how quickly you made it to the mat would determine how quickly you got your next sandwich or candy bar just to get some kind of nutrition and move onto the next task.

Q: Did you pack power bars in your backpack?

Tara: I didn’t pack power bars I actually packed jolly ranchers to hand out to some of the local children.

Q: Did you get to sleep?

Tara: Traveling around the globe competing for that million dollars is such a fast tempo - there is very little time for sleep. We did most of our sleeping on airport floors. Flying on airplanes is probably where we got the most sleep and it would just be a few hours at a time here or there. Fortunately, I packed appropriately and I had my little sleep sack – that came in very handy.

Q: Any favorite competitors we should watch for?

Tara: Becca Droz – she just has this spirit about her that’s contagious and London Kaye who is just this sweetheart and this joy of living and I really appreciate that about people. People who take a minute and pause and appreciate their surroundings.

Bonus Question: When traveling with your family who stops for directions, you or your husband?

Tara: I would probably be the one who’d stop and ask for directions – I don’t know if it’s a male female thing or maybe I just have a little bit more of an outgoing personality. But in the race if my husband and I had competed together we would have nailed it.

The Amazing Race Premieres Thursday at 10 p.m. on WUSA9

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