WASHINGTON — Cooking crabs can look like it is quite the task at first. Between figuring out how long they should boil, how big should the pot be and what are the best spices to use (besides Old Bay of course), it can become quite confusing and more of a chore. However, Gator from Fishmonger stopped by to give their top tips on how to make crabs, the simple way.

Let’s start off from the jumpwhat supplies do you need to cook crabs?

A big pot is needed along with tongs to make sure you can keep track of those pesky crabs if they try to escape. Gloves are a safety necessity. Lastly, a tip that is many forget is spraying vinegar onto the crabs. Adding the vinegar helps hold the spices in, because let’s be honest— no one wants to eat seasonless crabs.

Okay great, now what seasonings should I use?

The signature crab spice will always be Old Bay. However, Jo Crab Spice #2 is a perfect alternative. However, Gator mentions that Fishmonger makes their own crab spice that is available for purchase at their store.

How long does it take to cook the crabs?

According to Gator, it only takes 15-20 minutes to steam the crabs, but make sure that the top is on the pot. Too much time would make the meat of the crabs too mushy. When the 20 minutes are up, make sure to remove them from the heat and take off the top on the pot.

Now that we have these crabs, what should we serve with them?

Traditionally, most crab boils are served with corn on the cob. However, other sides that will pair well include coleslaw, potato salad and hush puppies. Also, do not forget the most important condiment, a side of melted butter!

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