WASHINGTON, D.C., USA — You gotta love a workout that packs a punch, but you may be surprised who's teaching the new Jab & Jam class at BoxerciZe.

Retired Metropolitan Police Department senior officer Glaytonia Adams is now whipping into shape the very community she once patrolled. 

Adams was motivated to transition into fitness as her next career after achieving 28 years on the force coupled with having a milestone birthday.

"I'm 50 years old and I just want longevity."

Her Jab & Jam classes are taught in evenings to mostly women who are looking to dance, but also get in a serious workout. 

"[You can] workout at your own pace," says Adams. "But you have to be consistent."

Make no mistakes: "Glay don't play," boasted one of her students on Facebook after sweating it out in Adams' class.

Moderately priced with some classes starting at just $7, Adams recommends that fitness students commit to at least three days a week in order to see results, plus having a healthy diet.

"Eighty percent is diet and 20 percent is fitness," says Adams. 

For more information on her classes, follow her on Facebook @Glay Adams.

Jab and Jam Fitness
Glaytonia Adams