WASHINGTON — Majority of the times that we see Washington, D.C. depicted in movies there is some political angle. In the new film, Lost Holiday, Washington, D.C. and even Montgomery County, Maryland are the backdrop to a holiday caper.

Brothers, Michael and Thomas Matthews wrote, produced and directed the indie film. It's their first project together. The Matthews are from the Washington, D.C. area, growing up in Chevy Chase. So, they wanted to incorporate many of the ideas and landmarks that come to mind when they think of their hometown.

"We shot in all the places that we grew up going to because we wanted to feature our home town as almost a character in a movie that, on the surface, has NOTHING to do with politics," says Michael.

Lost Holiday follows a group of old high school friends, home for the holidays, who feel like they’re drifting apart and in an attempt to rekindle the feeling of being young and free, they try and solve a local kidnapping and get in way over their heads. 

The brothers describe it as "a little funny and little scary and little sad and sweet too."

They say, "Aside from the camcorder movies we made together as kids, we’ve both been working in film, television and theater in New York and LA for the past 10 years, and we decided to partner up now and make a super independent love letter to home and the way it changes as you become an adult."


Matthews brothers feature hometown if Washington, D.C. in new film.


For those familiar with the DMV might recognize Atomic Billiards, Hank Dietles tavern, the National Cathedral, Jefferson Memorial and even the Mormon temple off of I-495.

Thomas and Michael also used many local actors, plus some familiar faces they've worked with over the last several years.

"We have some local theater actors in the movie but we also brought down Kate Lyn Sheil (House of Cards), William Jackson Harper (The Good Place) and some other recognizable faces from the big and small screen like Isiah Whitlock Jr. from The Wire and Emily Mortimer voicing the local radio throughout the movie."

The love of storytelling runs in their family. Thomas and Matthews dad is Chris Matthews from MSNBC and Kathleen Matthews, a journalist at WJLA for 25 years.

"We spent a lot of time at WJLA, kind of hiding under the desk doing homework. So when we decided to make a movie together we were like wouldn't it be kind of interesting if we took the sort of story our mom would cover on the news and two kind of foolish amateurs stumbling trying to solve it like reporters and detectives and that was the inspiration."

Lost Holiday is available on video on demand and to rent on Amazon Prime.

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