This bluefish salad recipe will have you wowing your friends and family. It’s not the same old tuna fish or chicken salad, it’s a tasty, protein packed salad that hails its fish from right here in the Chesapeake Bay.

Chef Miranda Rosenfelt from Sally’s Middle Name describes bluefish as imagining salmon and a classic whitefish having a blue baby. So without further ado here is her bluefish salad recipe:


Bluefish salad:

  • Bluefish 1 pound
  • Creme fraiche 1 pint
  • Cream cheese 1 pint
  • Celery 1.5 cup
  • Red onion 1.5 cup
  • Lemon zest 7 lemons
  • White pepper 1.5 teaspoons
  • Dill 2-3 tablespoons

Expert tips: pick the bones ahead of time, cut all the veg and herbs before you start mixing, cream the cream cheese before you add the creme fraiche so that it gets nice and smoot.


In a mixer, paddle the cream cheese and slowly add the creme fraiche.

Then add zest, white pepper & dill, mix until evenly distributed.

Add bluefish making sure to remove any bones ahead of time.

Paddle gently until the fish is broken down but still a bit chunky, fold in celery and onions.

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