Are you getting ready for the spring 5K's and marathons? Our Team #Heartlove is gearing up to get ready, and you can too! But before you hit the trail you have to get the right shoes. Check out the most common running shoe myths:

Myth: You don't need to check your shoe size, because you know your shoe size.

Brandon Boucher of Pacers Running says, "For running shoes we actually go up a half size because your foot swells while you run. And if you don't have the room accounted for your foot's going to swell outside the shoe's constraints and that's why runners lose toenails and get black toenails and get blisters."

Myth: Looking for the most attractive shoe, one in your favorite color.

The truth to this is you might not find the most attractive shoe to your taste, but it's important to find one that fits the best.

Myth: Clearly you need the most cushioning for your feet while running.

Boucher says, "For speed workouts a shoe that is a bit firmer is a good thing." But Boucher says this depends on the runner.

Myth: A gait analysis is only for the super hard core runners.

"So everybody's gait is different and there's different shoes for each gait," adds Boucher.

So let's get started to be in great shape for the spring fun! But take your time looking for new running shoes!