Ashley Blaker is on a winning streak. He's been touring the world for the last 4 years and is currently traveling for his new show "Ashley Blaker: Strictly Unorthodox."

"I feel like I’m a gambler at the tables at Vegas and I’m on a winning streak. If you’re winning, keep playing.”

Before I go any further, I must inform you that Ashley Blaker is a male, not a female like many of us would assume from his name.

And trust me, he's fully aware of the perception. He's been the case of mistaken identity plenty of times but as a comedian does, he jokes about it.

"In the United Kingdom, Ashley is a man’s name but the trouble is, in America, it’s not. My mother is a big fan of Gone with the Wind and it has a man in it named Ashley. It’s an American movie based on an American novel. So somewhere from 1975, when I was born, and 2019 someone in the United States decided to redesignate it to a woman’s name to make my life more difficult." 

Ashley performs to sell-out crowds. He pokes fun at his religion, giving his take on why Jewish holidays are so different to everyone else’s, how orthodox Jews manage in the workplace when they cannot shake hands with people of the opposite sex and why Jews around the world are just downright obsessed with sushi. 

"A rabbi once said to me, you should take your religion seriously but you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously. That’s what I try and do. I talk about my life, about what my life is like and some of my restrictions."

So we wanted you to get to know Ashley Blaker a little bit better with some fun facts:

- Ashley used to produce comedy shows on television.

- However, his religion restricts him from actually owning a television.

- He has performed 2 sell-out tours across the United Kingdom.

- In March, Ashley is headed to Australia for a comedy tour. It will be the 5th continent in which he has performed. 

- Ashley's dream is to perform in Antarctica.

"One way or another I‘ll make it happen. The penguins look just like me. White shirt, black suit."

- Ashley attended high school with Matt Lucas (Bridesmaids) and Sasha Baron Cohen and has worked alongside some of the biggest names in British comedy such as John Oliver, James Corden, Russell Brand, Graham Norton, Michael McIntyre and many more.

- His debut solo radio show Ashley Blaker's Goyish Guide to Judiasm aired in May 2018 on BBC Radio 4.

For more information on Ashley Blaker and to watch his comedy shows, visit his website

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