WASHINGTON — Born in McComb, Mississippi to African- American parents, Millie was a content child until she was later forced to bare a dark secret that may forever change her. Millie had a traumatic childhood due to the weight of her family’s extensive background and it proceeded her throughout her adult years. After years of genealogical research and counseling, Millie came to terms with family’s appalling history and surprisingly Millie forgave her ancestor. Here in her book below, Millie talks about the reckoning of her secrets and how her life changed when she found out that former FBI Director, J. Edgar Hoover was her ancestor.

Millie's new book "Shocking Truth/Lies"
Shocking truth about J. Edgar Hoover

Millie was only 10 years old when she found out she was related to J. Edgar Hoover. Growing up in the 1800's wasn't the easiest time for minorities, but being related to a man who despised minorities was even more challenging than Millie expected. When told this secret, Millie was also told that she had too keep it a secret or "her family could be killed in their sleep". Being related to a man who was an African-American himself but convinced himself and others that he was a Caucasian man took things into a different perspective for her family. 

Imagine growing up in a racial environment and you find out that you're not only related to a racist man, but he has killed members in your family for obtaining such information of being related to him. Millie's childhood was rough, and having to bare a dark secret only made it harder. As heavy as the weight of the secret was, it followed Millie throughout the rest of her childhood and even in her adult years. Growing up Millie didn't think that holding on to such a secret would have such an affect on her as an adult.

Now with kids on her own, Millie has went too long with keeping her family secret and was ready to come out with the truth. There were many secrets J. Edgar Hoover withheld from the world, including accepting his African-American heritage because of the fear of what people might do or think of him, but to what extent? J. Edgar Hoover was so hellbent on withholding the truth from everybody that he rather have his own family killed. Find out more about his troubling and dark secrets in Millie's new book "Shocking Truth/Lies"

Do you think that since J. Edgar Hoover was the head of the FBI, could he have made it easier for minorities and Caucasians to get along if he accepted both sides of his family? 

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