We began our investigation at a museum dedicated to the rich history of Brunswick and it’s long love affair with the railroad. Maryland Paranormal Research spearheaded this research effort.

The old building we set up in once served as a meeting place, a store and even a speakeasy where only a password granted you access.

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We asked James Castle, President of Brunswick Heritage Museum if the museum is haunted, his response, " I will say and can say, yes.”

“By doing this kind of work it’s validation there is something beyond the physical plane", says Dr. Carol Pollio spiritual medium and paranormal investigator.

Our focus was electronic voice phenomena (EVP) The idea is spirits can use white noise to speak to the living. We asked the ghost to say my photographers name, Dave. Just a few moments later we got the response we wanted. The muffled and static filled voice says what sounded like Dave.

Our lead on the investigation explains, "These things can't tell exactly where the source that the metal energy is coming from could be from us could be from postmortem agencies or (ghost) .

We all know that feeling. The one you can't explain and your hair stands on end. Sometimes you simply know when you're not alone.

Happy Halloween!

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