Pets, especially dogs, are known to get very frightened from loud noises like thunder and fireworks. 4th of July weekend is always a tough time for dog-owners due to the intense firework celebrations. Here are some precautions you can take and tips to keep in mind to make sure your pup is protected during the fireworks!Image result for scared dog fireworks

(Image: Happy Hound)

1. Dogs are known to jump and try to escape when there are fireworks happening. Many dogs have fled their homes or owner's arms during 4th of July celebrations. To avoid this, keep your dog in the quiet indoors.

2. Leave your pup in the home of a friend or a dog sitter if you plan on traveling. It is important to bring your dog to this place a couple days before to check it out, so the dog isn't too scared and unfamiliar in the new place.

3. Consider getting a microchip for your dog, or make sure your dog has its pet ID tag. Since many dogs run away out of fear, taking precautions could make sure your dog gets back to your home. Pet shelters are always finding runaway dogs on this holiday, so make sure your dog has proper identification.

4. If your dog often gets extremely upset at loud noises like thunder, talk to the vet and consider anxiety medication! This is a great way to help keep your dog calm.

5. Dogs often bite and chew on things out of fear, so remove any important or dangerous items from your home that your dog could potentially bite.

6. If you lose your dog or find another dog, call the animal control 24 hour line at (202) 576-6664.

7. Never let your dog outside without a leash this weekend. They are likely to bolt from the noise, so keep them on a leash at all times.

Thanks to Fox 5 and Cesar's Way for the tips!

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