Valentine’s Day can stir up some negative emotions (or simply annoyance) for many men and women. If you are alone, divorced, in a relationship you don’t want to be on, or not in a good relationship with yourself, Valentine’s Day could seem more like a dreadful time than a joyful time.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. How about showing some self-love this Valentine’s Day.

Life Designer® Julie Reisler , author of, Get a PhD in YOU: A Course in Miraculous Self-Discovery, has a few simple actions to shower yourself with love this Valentine’s Day and beyond.

“The most important relationship is to have one first with yourself. When you give more love to yourself, you’re able to give more love to the planet”

Hand on Your Heart

Breathe and give yourself love and put one hand on your heart. Imagine it radiating to you, from your, to you. Feel your heart beating. Notice you are alive, your heart is working, giving to yourself what you are looking for. Appreciate you are here, you are alive and there is so much to love about you and other.

Create A “Self-Love” Fund

Julie recommends putting money aside each month to save up for something fun just for you. A manicure? Movie? You pick, and save up for what makes you happy!

Do a Mirror Exercise

It’s an activity called “Your Self-loving Mirror”. Connecting with yourself in the mirror and writing favorite quotes in the mirror is a powerful tool to help you recognize your self-worth.


This is your space to write down your thoughts, feelings, and dreams, and is a great way to release any negative emotions you may be feeling.

Write Yourself A Love Note

Put it in your car, on your mirror as a constant reminder of your self-worth!


What can you honor about yourself? What are you grateful for about yourself? Write it down and speak it out loud!