WASHINGTON — I first met Bethesda, Md. native Vicky Tiel on a cool November day just before Thanksgiving of this year. She’s was wearing black fishnet stockings, a red v-neck wrap dress (falling just above the knee) and the most fabulous false eyelashes. Just another day at the office for the 75-year-old fashion icon and designer of the “Pretty Woman” dress (and close friend to the late Elizabeth Taylor to boot)!

Captivated by her unassuming kindness, chic style and sheer feminine power, I did what any other woman would do in the presence of a great wise one – I asked her for some advice.

Here’s what she shared with me, which is also outlined in her new memoir, The Absolute Woman: It’s All About Feminine Power:

1. Follow your dreams

Even though you are told you can’t do something because you are a woman, don’t believe anybody. Do what you love and can do easily. (I was told I wasn’t good enough to design on 7th Ave, but I went to Paris and succeeded.)

2. Don’t dance with crazies

Ignore everyone who is mean or cruel to you, including family. When you ignore people they leave you alone. When you leave a bear or a snake alone they sense it and walk away.

3. Conceit is self-given, so be careful

Don’t live a “Me, me” life. Live to help other people. Help animals, too, and all life forms.

4. No sex for shoes

Make your own money and buy your own shoes. You don’t need men for money.

5. You are what you drink

We are 80 percent liquid, so diet and health should start with your drink.

6. Marry the man who really loves you

Don’t chase after a man ever! Men are everywhere. Go for the one who really loves you.

For more of Vicky Tiel’s tips on how to achieve feminine power, check out her book, The Absolute Woman.