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5 ways working parents can avoid the stresses of summer break

How to set boundaries and manage the stresses of summer break
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The unofficial start to summer has begun! But if you’re a working parent, you’re likely OVERWHELMED! Why? Because studies show that summer is the most stressful season to be a parent. Many get stressed at the thought of having the kids home all summer with the added pressure of juggling work, summer camps and schedules, and keeping the kids entertained and busy all summer long. And yes, it’s not just moms who get overwhelmed, dads feel it also!

Laurie Warren is the Founder of Create Vibrant Health: BodyMindSpirit® and author of the upcoming book WILD WORLD, JOYFUL HEART. 

As a Vibrant Living Advocate, she has 4 ways to reduce stress and that working parent guilt that often comes with the summer months.


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Set healthy boundaries

Working parents can minimize stress and its effects by setting boundaries at both work and home. Set up clear boundaries with your employer about your engagement on email, text, and phone during non-work hours.  These tactics reduce stress while supporting you in being the best parent you can be!

Rev up your self-care

Food choices, sleep, hydration, and exercise are all powerful influencers of your ability to remain healthy, to stay centered, and to manage stress. Simply starting your day with a nutrient-dense breakfast can be a game-changer!

Get extra help: A Little bit of help goes a long way! 

Use Instacart, Amazon Prime and Meal Prep Services whenever possible. Hire as much help as you can afford (after-school Mommy's helpers, house cleaners, etc). Swap child-care hours with a parent friend or call a college kid home from break who’d love to relieve you for an hour or two.

Make a To-Don't List

List out your top 5 biggest time wasters (i.e. social media, picking up after your kids, watching TV) and commit to not doing them for at least a week. You'll likely find you never needed to do them in the first place.

Focus on the positive

No school lunches to pack or kids to drag out of bed! There is so much positive when it comes to having the kids out of their typical school routines; soak it in.

For more tips and techniques to help deal with the stresses of Summertime, visit Laurie Warren's Summertime Survival Guide blog post.

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