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5 ways to stop stressing about every bite

Eating healthy doesn't have to cause a major crisis. Follow these easy steps to eliminate stressful dietary decisions.
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Healthy food choices

Choosing to eat healthy can be a major struggle for so many reasons.

Whether you wrestle with the numbers on the scale, eating well on your busiest days or listen to that little voice in your head telling us to have another cookie, consistently making healthy eating decisions is challenging.  

Thankfully, eating healthy is easier than you thought! 

Eating psychologist and nutrition expert Elise Museles from Kale and Chocolate has created five easy steps to stop stressing about everything we eat. 

1. Forget the mindset that eating healthy is boring and eat more color. 

The healthiest foods are the most colorful, so eating the rainbow will not only give you the most micro-nutrients without calorie counting but will make eating healthy fun. 

2. Declutter your kitchen.

Toss or donate any foods you don’t need, so you have a clean slate instead of a messy or overwhelming kitchen pantry. 

Elise Museles on Great Day Washington 

Watch to hear the 5 tips to stop stressing about food explained.

3. Surround yourself with good choices. 

Now that your kitchen is clean, only buy healthy foods to take the guesswork out of what to eat. Meal prep whenever possible to set yourself up for easy success—starting with breakfast. 

4. Bounce back quickly from setbacks. 

Do you have “uh oh” moments of over indulging? Instead of feeling guilty about the past 24 hours, focus on the next 24 hours and making positive choices. 

5. Get curious about your cravings. 

Tune into your inner nutritionist and ask WHY you have certain cravings, instead of judging them. Once you get to the root of the craving, you can easily tweak your eating habits to eliminate the craving before it starts. 

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