Applying for a job can sometimes be a frustrating and anxious process. Often it can even be hard to search for the jobs you're looking for! These five helpful tips can give you ideas of how to look for jobs, interviewing techniques, and also how to search online for what you're looking for.

1. Searching online

The internet is probably the first place you might look for a job, but where do you even start? A helpful trick is to Google three keywords for the position you are looking for. Google will often bring you to job searching sites such as Glassdoor or Indeed. From there you can easily find a position you are looking for. "Consider uploading your résumé to job boards in addition to scanning their ads," The Wall Street Journal suggests, "Their résumé databases are a first stop in a candidate search for many hiring managers."

2. Apply! Apply! Apply!

A helpful tip when applying or looking for jobs is to send your resume out to anywhere you can find. It's smart to apply to many different positions, because the more the merrier! You never know who will contact you, but it's smart to reach out to as many jobs as you can find. "It's often said that networking is where the conversation begins, not ends," the Entrepreneur explains, "If you've had a great exchange, ask your conversation partner the best way to stay in touch." Also reach out to your friends to ask around the office if they need a position filled- networking is always important when it comes to landing a job.

3. Ace the interview with confidence

Sometimes going to a job interview can be scary, but a trick to help you nail the interview is to write down the job description on a piece of paper, and next to it write down the characteristics you think you have that will match the job. Review the paper before the interview, because that will help you remember why you will be good for the position! The Balance explains, "Think of concrete examples you can use to highlight your skills." Often it can be nerveracking going into a job interview, but having confidence about why you would be a good fit for the job and company is what will help you land that confidence you need.

4. Connect with alumni

Feeling stuck when searching for a new job? Forbes suggests that you should network is through old friends and past alumni from High School or University. Forbes suggests that you can "Call the alumni in your region, go to meetings and grow your network." You never know what talking to an old friend might do. Sometimes connecting with people from your school can help steer you in the right direction to chasing down your next job. Alumni connections can truly help your network, and might lead you to a job opportunity.

5. Create a LinkedIn

If you don't have a LinkedIn already, a great way to search for jobs and interact with employers is through the social media site. According to Business Insider, "77% of LinkedIn users said that it helped them research people and companies." LinkedIn can be an effective way to show off your skills and past positions that could lead to a new job. LinkedIn has pages where you can search for job openings and even message employers who are looking to fill a position, this can be a lead to a new job!

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