Sometimes it's hard to pick out the perfect fish! For those of you who wonder what a fresh fish should look and smell like, we have five tips for you from Executive Chef John Critchley from Siren by Robert Wiedmaier!

1. It's all about the eyes

If you're thinking about buying fish, a good tip to knowing if it is healthy and good to eat is in its eyes! If the fish you are thinking of buying has eyes that are dull and lifeless, it could be that the fish is past its prime. A good tip is to look for clarity and brightness in the eyes!

2. The smell of the fish

A fresh fish should smell like the ocean, but not intensely fishy. If your nose is picking up a briny scent, you're on the right track to making a good purchase of a healthy fish!

3. Check the skin

When buying fish, it's important to check its skin before purchasing and eating. The skin should be firm, and have an almost metallic sheen to it. If the skin of the fish you're looking at seems dull and discolored, you might want to find a different fish.

4. Don't forget the gills

Take a look at the gills on a fish. They should be a rich, almost beefy red color. If the fish is old, the gills might be faded which is cause to toss that fish back.

5. Tagging

Shellfish require strict tagging. Tagging of a Shellfish tracks the product from harvest all the way to the customer. When you examine a shellfish tag you’ll learn the harvest date, the ship date, and where it was harvested. This is a major tip for anyone who is a shellfish lover!

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