As the head of merchandising for UrbanStems, Cameron Hardesty is a flower expert and floral designer who has been curating unique offerings for three years. As we near Mother's Day, here are Cameron’s last minute tips for picking the perfect bouquet for your loved one.

Switch it up this year from the typical red roses

You will never find a traditional all red rose bouquet at UrbanStems.

Instead, look to bright colors and textures to create unique arrangements every woman will love.

This pastel bouquet is full of pink, peach and blush-toned roses, whimsical sprigs of solidago aster and mini calla lilies.

The Jackie features a bright burst of roses, veronica, calla lilies, mums and a succulent you can plant and enjoy for years to come.

Let the flowers speak for you

In the Victorian Era flirting as we know it today was verboten; and in some cases talking was prohibited. When lovers wanted to send messages to each other, they used carefully chosen stems in their bouquets. Every type of flower had a nuanced meaning -- thus, the “language” of flowers was born.

This new language placed specific meaning on every flower and allowed people to send messages without being detected.

When women would receive their bouquets they would run to their Flower Dictionaries and begin to decode the message of the flowers.

Picking the perfect “I Love You”

This Victorian Era language is where the trend of the red rose for romantic occasions originated. Red roses signify love, romance, desire and passion, while other blooms carry significant meanings.

Just like any language, over time some meanings have strengthened, while others have been lost to time. The red rose endures as a symbol of romantic love, but in the modern era, pink, blush and even peach roses are a fresher way to show your affection.

Instead of settling for the tired red rose, opt for light pink or peach roses, which signify unconditional love, and playfulness, or bright stems of daisy’s which represent loyalty.

Calla lilies signify beauty, mums are a symbol of perfection and elegant purple veronica flowers represent fidelity.

In addition to these love-expressing stems, look for bouquets that feature bright sprigs of solidago which represents encouragement.

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