Being a vegan can sometimes be challenging. April Sampé, founder of the web series Veg Out & Dine shares the three items every vegan should have in their kitchen to help make it easier!

1. Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional yeast is a popular ingredient for vegan cooking. It is a favorite substitute for cheese and is good to keep at hand for adding a savory flavor boost whenever needed.

Peace-Carr, Renee

2. Plant based milk

Cashew milk, almond milk, coconut milk, soy milk and other plant based milks are a staple in the vegan fridge. Cashew milk is thicker than other plant based milk products, which is why it is a preferred vegan ingredient to cook with. It also has a whole milk flavor due to the thickness.

Peace-Carr, Renee

3. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are important to have in your vegan kitchen because they are a heathy substitute for real meat products and can be seasoned to have a meat flavor. They are also anaffordable addition to any meal.

Peace-Carr, Renee

Want to check out one of April's vegan recipes? Here's her easy to make vegan friendly spaghetti squash.

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Peace-Carr, Renee

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