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'R Mural Project' uplifts community in DC's Union Market

The new mural off 6th St. in Union Market also leads onlookers to a website that will share stories of resilience and resources to support the community.

WASHINGTON — There is no doubt we are living through some tough times, but a new art installation at Union Market in Northeast is bringing hope to the community.  A massive mural that spells the word resilience has been on display since Labor Day weekend. It is just one part of the ‘R Mural Project’ designed to uplift the community.

If you have been to Union Market recently, you have likely seen the mural  in the 13-hundred block of 6th St. in Northeast. It is about 2,884 sq. ft, which is nearly half the size of a basketball court. The wall is covered in bold, bright colors with the word 'resilience' spelled out.

Credit: Creative Theory Agency

The black-owned Creative Theory Agency (CTA) is behind the 'R Mural Project,' which will soon feature stories of resilience during the pandemic and push for social change on a website.

Gary Williams Jr. is the agency’s Chief Creative Officer. He said this project is about uplifting the community and providing resources to help people get through these tough times.

“I think I wanted the wall to be an escape from all that’s going on around us that may be negative, “ Williams said. “ I want you to come to this wall and just for a minute feel like you’re in a different place, not only a different place, but a happy place.” 

Since the agency’s inception five years ago, its creators have used art and storytelling to address multicultural issues. The 'R Mural Project' is just the latest to recognize the strength born out of looming challenges in 2020.  

For the last five months, Williams and his team have collected stories of resilience that they are excited to share Oct. 9 on the mural project's website.

“One thing I took from these stories is everybody is going through something, I don’t think there is anyone who has not been affected at some level around this," said Williams about the pandemic. “Hopefully, whoever comes to this site will see something in one of these stories that gives them the ability or encouragement to lift their head up, keep going or to thrive during this time.”  

The mural is located at 1329 6 St. NE in Washington, DC 20002.

When you stop by and snap a picture, you are in for a surprise, thanks to augmented reality. When you point your camera to the mural’s wall, a filter pops up for cool Instagram photos.

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