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On a day full of spectacle, it was the little things that caught my eye | Hear Me Out

History was made, but the devil is in the details.

WASHINGTON — We witnessed the grand first steps of a new beginning Wednesday, but it was the little things that caught my attention.

Former Presidents, current lawmakers, and a few of the glamorous coming together to observe the advancement of our democracy. Seated in the same place where just a few weeks prior a mob tried to stop its progress.   

Officer Eugene Goodman, escorting Kamala Harris to her place in history, through the same halls where he faced down that mob. 

Vice President Harris, swearing her oath of office on a bible owned by Thurgood Marshall, before Justice Sonia Sotomayor. A collection of firsts that could only come from our melting pot. 

President Biden himself, reaffirming his commitment to the service he "first" pledged himself to some 48 years ago in a Delaware Hospital room. His hand resting on the same bible used that day.  

We listened as he eloquently called for us to open our souls instead of hardening our hearts. To face down those who would attack our democracy and the truth.  

And finally, we listened in awe as a young Amanda Gorman, her words so clearly and warmly spoken, asked us to be brave enough to see the light of a new day. To be the light.  

I’m going to leave you this morning with Ms. Gorman, and the hope that she brought to us all. Take them with you, and have a great day D.C.

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