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Get Up DC Music: Sail Away by Kora

We got a chance to hear some of Kora's music on Get Up DC this week.

We got a chance to hear some of Kora's music on Get Up DC this week.

Kora the artist was born in North Carolina but relocated to Southeast, D.C. early in life. Kora Has always had a fascination with entertaining. As a young girl she would line up her dolls and stuffed animals and organize elaborate performances in her bedroom.

Her first public musical recognition was her sophomore year of college at University of Maryland College Park.

Kora performed her single “Sick of Love” at a Battle of the Voices event. Though she did not take home first place, she was elated with the crowd reception and proud of her dedication to prepare and display true artistry.

Filled with confidence from her first performance, Kore went on to sing at BET Music Matters competition at SOB’s in NYC. Shortly after, Kora met producer/engineer David Knocks.

He believed in her music and her dreams. They decided to merge talents to create an unmatched sound. David Knocks executive produced Kora’s latest album “Vertigo. The Album focuses on relationships and love issues and is now available on all digital stores

In 2017 Kora became a songwriter for BET International landing her music on Centric TV and BET. Next, Kora has her new single “Sail Away” featuring Flex Kartel releasing the end of February.

Here are 5 Interesting Things About Kora:

1. She is a songwriter for BET International; Her music has been featured on Centric TV/ BET for a project called " Behind The Curtains: Eclipsed" a documentary about a broadway show starring Lupita Nyong'o; also written by all African American women. ( Making of the song "Volcano")

2. She won first place in an artist competition called "Coast to Coast" and will be flying to Miami in September to compete to win $50,000

3. Her remix to Bodak Yellow called "Bodak Kora" has been in rotation on WPGC 95.5 for 2 months (Link to Song)

4. She has appeared on Fox 5 when she was in college at University of Maryland ( where she obtained a dual degree in Management & Marketing) for a singing competition which ultimately led her to working with Grammy nominated engineer and producer David Knocks for the past 4 years.

5. On NYE of this year she organized a homeless outreach with Maya and London to go out in the cold and feed and cloth the homeless.

Social media:

Instagram: @KoraTheArtist

Twitter: @AntoniaKora

Facebook: KoraTheArtist

Website: www.KoraTheArtist.com