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There's a tale of love and betrayal playing out in the skies above the National Arboretum | It's A DC Thing

The people of DC love gossip, even if it involves a couple of eagles. It's a DC Thing

WASHINGTON — There’s a romantic entanglement playing out in the air above D.C., and it’s one of those dramas we love to spy on in this town.   

It’s a story we’ve heard before; a seemingly happy couple, who suddenly find their relationship tested by temptation, quickly followed by... betrayal!  

The beloved bald eagle power couple at the National Arboretum, Mr. President and the First Lady, are no more, after he has found himself smitten by a new, younger chick.  

In February, other eagle ladies began showing up at the nest the couple calls home. The First Lady wasn’t having it, chasing the interlopers off, until one day she ran up against one young lady who decided she wasn’t the one leaving.  

First Lady was last seen February 15th. So you know that wasn’t a good Valentines’ Day.  

Since then, Mr. President has been seen getting cozy with his new First Lady, tidying up the nest, and sharing food.  

Now bald eagles typically mate for life, but only if they’re raising babies. Apparently, if they’re not, anything goes.

We just love the gossip, don’t we?

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