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Don't say you're from DC if you're not | Most DC Thing

DC asks Virginia and Maryland to stop misrepresenting in today’s Most DC Thing.

Today’s Most D.C. Thing comes courtesy of Washingtonian Problems on Instagram who posted the question “How many times have you told someone you are from D.C.?” With the next line saying “Maryland and Virginia natives” followed by this accompanying video clip.

DC residents, we are all skeptical Oprah. I’ve seen this happen too many times. Someone tells a group of people “I’m from D.C.”

To which someone else says “Really? Me too! What part?”

Then they look down and say “Woodbridge.”

That is not the same thing! I don’t care if you call it “Hoodbridge.” It’ll never be D.C. Live in your truth and say you’re from Virginia. We’ll respect you as long as you’re not driving.

This is the Most D.C. Thing because I do understand why some people do it. It’s easier to say you’re from D.C. to people who aren’t from here than to try to explain to them where Beltsville is...and no, it’s not holding up Pantsville.

As convenient as doing that is, on behalf of all of D.C. please don’t claim you’re from the city if you didn’t grow up here. Someone who lived through Marion Barry’s whole career will magically appear out of nowhere and call you out. Just say “the D.C. area.” Adding those two extra words will get you out of unwanted conversation and keep you from getting your card pulled. You’re welcome.

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