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A corner store cuisine tutorial | Most DC Thing

A budget Bobby Flay is today's Most DC Thing

WASHINGTON — Today's Most DC Thing comes to us from BayBayEnt who posted a video of himself eating a smushed up combination of pickled eggs, nacho cheese sunflower seeds, and pickled hot sausage in a plastic bag with the headline "How to make a delicious DMV snack."

If any of you know BayBayEnt, check on him and let us know if he's OK. This looks like an unplanned bathroom trip waiting to happen. That man put more preservatives in his body than Tutankhamen. Pickled eggs, pickled sausage, and sunflower seeds? He's going to wake up one day and turn into a Top Ramen salt packet. His heart pumps "Lawry's."

This is the Most D.C. Thing because we are absolutely this resourceful and this 'hood. This is a meal born from food deserts. Corner store cuisine is always the most inventive and the least healthy. Our own Michael Quander vouched for this concoction. Don't worry. We pay him enough money to buy real food now.

If any of you viewers eat like this, let me know. I will personally stage an intervention and help you get some vegetables in your life. Help me help you.

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