SILVER SPRING, Md. (WUSA9) — This week at the Highwood Theater in Silver Spring a musical with a love story and with a political twist is playing.

It's called "Soon" and written by a local actor who spent time on Broadway. It’s your standard boy meets girl, but the romance looks doomed because of climate change.

The opening notes strike and Bethesda native Nick Blaemire’s musical "Soon" gets started.

“‘Music is about communication,” Blaemire said. “It’s about cutting through something that spoken word can’t.”

In this case, it’s a love story. Charlie meets Jonah.

“But she doesn’t have quite the same hope that he has,” Blaemire said.

Why doesn’t Charlie have hope? Because in Nick’s musical the world is ending, from climate change

“We see all the seasons happen and they are all out of order and they are not in the right months,” he said.

During the show Charlie struggles to begin a new relationship, while feeling the world is going to end. Blaemire said he didn’t think “Soon” was controversial.

“I didn’t think about it until you just said it,” he said in an interview.

More importantly, Nick said the musical isn’t about the argument for, or against, climate change

“Whether your political affiliation agrees or disagrees with the reasons we have to acknowledge the realties,” he said.

Blaemier said Charlie’s journey is about finding love in a hopeless time, regardless of what’s happening outside.

“We have one shot at being on earth and we need to be good to each other, “he said. “Especially right now.”

What happens? Does Charlies fall in love? Does the world end? You can find out April 12 through the 29 at the Highwood Theater in Silver Spring.