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'RHOP' Cast Questions Candiace Dillard's Choice to Press Charges Against Monique Samuels (Exclusive)

'RHOP' Cast Questions Candiace Dillard's Choice to Press Charges Against Monique Samuels (Exclusive)

Things just went from bad to worse on The Real Housewives of Potomac. In ET's sneak peek at the next episode, the cast (sans Monique Samuels) is gathered at a celebration for Wendy Osefo's baby, Kamrynn. The conversation quickly turns to the latest update in the saga of Candiace Dillard vs. Monique.

After an argument got physical between Monique and Candiace at a group event days before, Candiace decided to press charges against her co-star. Gizelle Bryant brings the fact up, mentioning to Candiace that her phone "vibrated off the table" with messages asking about why Candiace decided to take things to a legal level.

"I'm stressed," Candiace confesses. "I only very recently filed the charges and it was everywhere in five minutes. I was not expecting it to happen that fast, like…"

"So, is the goal for her to go to jail?" Robyn Dixon asks.

"The goal is for the court system to do what the court system needs to do," Candiace replies. That's when Gizelle mentions that the charges could lead to a 12-year jail sentence for Monique. Both Gizelle and Robyn say no one wants Monique to go to jail, to which Candiace replies, "We don't?"

See the full clip here:

Candiace's mother, Dorothy, says "there should be consequences" for what happened. That's when Ashley Darby chimes in to say Candiace may not be innocent when it comes to what unfolded between her and Monique, even though Ashley wasn't around to see the altercation.

"Is she paying you, as well, to speak for her and be her mouthpiece?" Candiace asks, alleging that Monique asked Ashley to defend her to the group while she took time away from it.

"I'm already married to a millionaire, what do I need to be paid for?" Ashley asks. Candiace replies, "Congratulations… not for long."

"I don't think it's about taking sides as much as it's about seeing what happened and just really trying to understand that these women were friends,” Ashley told ET last month. “It's not Tyson vs. Holyfield. It’s two women who just… it got out of hand."

"I initially thought -- and I still don't have any clarification -- that Candiace was an active provoker in this argument, so I wanted to be there for Monique because she has been such a supportive person to me," she said. "The one person who was calling me, texting me, checking on me was Monique, and I wanted to be able to reciprocate that to her because she was obviously going through a difficult time. That's not like her."

"She and I have gotten into arguments and it's never gotten physical," Ashley added. "So I knew that it was something more that was going on with Monique."

In the coming weeks, viewers will see Monique file her own charges against Candiace. Ultimately, the charges against both women were dropped. The Real Housewives of Potomac airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.


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