WASHINGTON — It's a tale as old as time. A New Yorker comes to D.C. and promptly poo-poos all over our dining scene. For decades, we've been told by New Yorkers that we're a "meat-and-potatoes town," that there "aren't many great restaurants in Washington" and that our coffee is "meh." 

But New York's Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is taking aim at a very specific subsect of D.C. dining, determining that it's "impossible" to get a good bacon, egg and cheese in the District.

While we understand that the crux of her argument was really about the lack of bodegas in D.C. -- which is a whole other story -- she hit a sensitive nerve when she said "I don't know how anybody eats in D.C." 

Seriously? Ok, AOC, we've got some homework for you. We want you to try the seven spots below, and then let us know if you're still worried about how us poor Washingtonians survive on the meager rations this town provides. 

And once you check these mouthwatering breakfasts off your to-do list, hit us back up for lunch and dinner recs, because while D.C. has its share of problems, a thriving, bountiful food scene is not one them. 

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1. Call Your Mother: The Shyne 

I mean this one even has "bodega-style" in the description, so you know you can't go wrong! Andrew Dana and Daniela Moreira  "jew-ish deli" offers up the best everything bagel in the city (we'll die on this hill) stacked with bacon (or pastrami, you choose), bodega-style egg, American and cheddar cheese and drizzled with spicy honey. ($9.50)

2. Mason Dixie Biscuit

Breakfast sandwiches are available all day, everyday at this biscuit mecca. Start with a warm buttermilk biscuit, then choose between a runny yolk or a hard-cooked cage-free egg, add some cheese and finish it off with a slab of maple-pepper smoked bacon. ($5.49)

3. Bullfrog Bagels 

Bullfrog's bagels are hand-rolled, boiled and baked every morning, and your bacon, egg and cheese can come with cheddar, muenster or swiss ($6.50).

4. Bayou Bakery

AOC, If you're willing to cross the river to get your sammie on, there's no better place than Bayou Bakery, where you can build your own breakfast creation. Start with a flaky biscuit (made fresh daily) and pile on Benton's bacon strips, New York sharp cheddar cheese slices and scrambled egg ($5.50) If you've got room left for a sweet ending, David Guas' pastelitos are to die for.

5. Java House

If you want a no-frills sando that will sop up whatever mess you got into the night before, Dupont's Java House is the place to go. And you can choose whether you want your bacon, egg and cheese on a bagel ($5.50) or sandwiched between buttery, flaky croissant halves ($5.35) -- spoiler alert, the croissant is the way to go. Oh, and do not sleep on the spiced chai here. It will cure all ails and bring you back to life. 

6. Unconventional Diner 

We put our stamp of approval on just about everything slinging out of this kitchen, but if it comes with sexy sauce, we're throwing 'bows to be first in line on Saturday morning. The "S'eggsy Sandwich" is pretty standard with bacon, cheddar cheese, scallions and sexy sauce on a brioche bun, served with a side of breakfast potatoes ($13). Or you can opt for the "Biscuit and Jam'Edict'" with two poached eggs on a biscuit with bacon jam and creme fraiche, also served with breakfast potatoes ($14). 

7. Kith and Kin (breakfast menu)

This one we can't personally vouch for because we didn't know it existed until its maker proclaimed its existence in a tweet about AOC's polarizing remarks. But given that it was made by a New Yorker to satisfy his bodega cravings, we think it deserves a spot on AOC's must-try list. 

WATCH: Ocasio-Cortez says it's "impossible" to find a good bacon, egg and cheese in D.C. 

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