ID=26384709WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- There's a lot to look forward to when you become a teenager. We begin to earn certain privileges like driving, later curfews, going on dates, etc. Prom especially is a staple in our teen years- the final triumph before we head off to college, leaving our adolescence behind us.

Unfortunately, not everyone gets to go to prom. But don't tell that to Dreams for Kids DC (DFKDC), DC Jewish Community Center (DCJCC) and On The Edge Children's Foundation (OTE).

This past Saturday DFKDC, DCJCC and OTE teamed up to give a full out prom to remember for children with disabilities, and rest assured it was a night to remember!

The teens dressed to the nines and arrived in red carpet style, where naturally everyone wanted to take their pictures- after all they were the stars of the evening!

It took awhile, but once the batteries of the hungry paparazzi died the teens headed inside, where volunteers anxiously waited to meet their dates.

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As is tradition at prom, there was a dance floor. A backdrop behind the dance floor projected a slideshow of all the kids from DFKDC, DCJCC, and OTE. This was a great reminder that these prom attendees are more than teens to these organizations- they are family.

Lets get to the best part of prom: the entertainment! The night started off with singer, Emily Brennan, performing hit songs by Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Train. Personally I think she sung them better, sorry T. Swift.

"[I'm] honored and I feel special to get involved. It was great to give back with my voice," Emily said.

Emily, who is just 15-years-old, already has a management contract and will be in LA for next couple of months. Make sure to keep an eye out for this rising star!

Now, it can be awkward to be the first person on the prom dance floor. DCJCC Community Service Coordinator Elena Frenkel was hoping she wouldn't be the first one to get the party going. Lucky for her, there was no need!

DJ Art's incredible energy drew almost everyone on the dance floor as he played the prom classic "Cha Cha Slide". I am ashamed to admit I didn't join in. You would have been to if you saw all these kids dance moves!

There was not a single drop of negative energy in that room. The kids, the volunteers and the parents all partook in dancing, taking advantage of the photo booth and mingling with other guests. This prom couldn't have been more of a success and was more memorable than my prom.

Big thanks to sponsors Rob and Paige Robertory, Michael & Sons Services, DFKDC, DCJCC and OTE for organizing a night to remember.

I can't express enough the contagious happiness these kids exuded. This event was all about the kids, and giving them a prom experience they didn't get to have. After all the best memories are the ones worth waiting for.