Lauryn Froneberger is a Digital Editor at WUSA9. Lauryn is a graduate of the University of Maryland where she studied Broadcast Journalism. 

Lauryn joined the WUSA9 team in September 2017 as a Multiplatform Assignment Editor before joining the Digital Team in December 2018. Lauryn has been pivotal in the merge between the Assignment Desk and the Digital Team members by serving in a dual role on the weekends. 

A self-proclaimed “Social Media Maven,” Lauryn constantly keeps up on what’s happening in the entertainment and music industry and always knows which celebrity said what to whom and where. When she’s not reacting to breaking news you can find her catching up on which memes/gifs are trending, singing along to Ariana Grande or convincing everyone that “Drake is the greatest artist of her generation.” 

Lauryn has always had a passion for leadership in all capacities shown through her involvement in activities such as student government, cultural and social organizations in addition to serving as President of the UMCP Chapter of the NAACP. 

Lauryn loves food, fun and brunching with friends in D.C. With an aura is as bright and bold as her hair, Lauryn’s personality is as big as her dreams. One day she hopes to host her own entertainment show "Life with Lo" offering personal advice, lifestyle and wellness tips and keeping people updated on what’s going on in local communities across the country. 

Lauryn also hopes to someday use her journalism experience and her leadership capabilities to highlight and raise awareness to the economic and racial disparities faced by people of color. 

She plans to use her talent and dedication to her community to live out her high school motto: “Lucem accepimus, lucem demus" (We have received light, let us give light).