Neighbor's tree damage your home? You might still be responsible

So, who is responsible when a neighbor's tree damages your car or home?

Trees demolished homes and crushed cars Friday, leaving many people in Northern Virginia just thankful to be alive.

Now that the shock is over, it's time to assess the damage.

One of the most pressing questions Crystal Insurance Agency in D.C. is getting is about who's responsible when a neighbor's tree damages your car or home in Maryland, D.C. or Virginia.

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"Even though it may be your neighbor's tree that falls on your property, your insurance needs to help you with that if you have comprehensive for automobile and homeowner's insurance," said Margarita Dilone, President and CEO at Crystal Insurance Agency.

Dilone said the only way your neighbor would be responsible is if their tree was diseased or damaged and you had documented that you had asked them to take care of it before Friday's storm.

Some other advice? Report the damage quickly and cut your losses. If your roof is damaged, for example, make sure to put a tarp on it.