How waterspouts formed over southern Maryland on Friday

A heavy line of showers was enough to help waterspouts form over the Potomac River and The Chesapeake Bay.

A fast moving line of showers was enough to generate some photogenic waterspouts on Friday afternoon. Unlike tornadoes, waterspouts don't need rotating thunderstorms to be produced. But, they do need some instability and that's exactly what we had.

Radar from Friday afternoon shows an innocent line of showers moving southeast from Washington DC through southern Maryland.

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But, as this line crossed the Potomac River near Dahlgren, VA it produced a nasty looking waterspout that Ken Robinson happened to photograph.

From Ken Robinson's Facebook page: "Let me reiterate that this waterspout was seen on the Potomac River a little after 3 P.M. heading towards Swan Point from Virginia. It dissipated prior to reaching the shoreline. There was no damage."

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As the line crossed into the Chesapeake Bay near Lexington Park,Cindy Beckler saw multiple waterspouts.

Fortunately, there have been no reports of damage from these storms.