Getting fit with Team #HeartLove

Over a two month period, six local residents will be trained, educated and encouraged to finish their very first 5K race to improve their heart health!

As part of WUSA9’s commitment to American Heart Month, Great Day Washington is following YOUR local neighbors on a journey to enhance their lives while inspiring others! Over a two month period, six local residents will be trained by coaches Julie Sapper and Lisa Reichman, educated and encouraged to finish their very first 5K (3.1 mile) race at Fletcher’s Cove parkrun to improve their overall cardiovascular health.

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Allison Boyle

Allison Boyle is an elementary school teacher and swim coach in Germantown. Once an active marathon runner, Allison fell out of shape after the birth of her two children has been struggling to get back into shape. She has decided to get back into running shape to set an example for her daughter and her students.

Maryam Hatcher

With a family history of heart disease, environmental and natural resources lawyer Maryam Hatcher is determined to make a change. Named a “Rising Star” in the Super Lawyers addition of 2017, Maryam has another goal—to run in the Boston Marathon. She is looking to be an extra source of inspiration for her son, husband and extended family by running in her first 5K.

Jason Zamoiski

Jason Zamoiski has been living with Crohn’s Disease—an autoimmune condition that affects his liver—for over 20 years. A recent health scare required a hospital stay where his doctors warned him that he needed to take better care of his health. As a result, Jason is ready to make some big changes starting with training for his first 5K. He wants to set an example for his two kids and his community.

Nicole Mason

After losing her mother to heart disease, Nicole Mason decided it was time to live a healthier lifestyle. 17 days following her mother’s death, Nicole also lost her grandmother and consequently put her health on the back-burner. After a cholesterol scare, Nicole is back on track and is running her first 5K in honor of her mother.

Amy Alonso

An assistant principal in Gaithersburg, Amy Alonso has already lost 100lbs on her fitness journey! While she has completed some walking 5Ks over the years, she has never run one and hopes to lose 50 more pounds along the way. Amy is looking to especially inspire women who are looking to be healthy and strong.

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Skip Davidson

After being diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation and sleep apnea, Reston native Skip Davidson worked hard to stay in shape. After losing 80lbs, Skip won a Lifestyle Change award at the Heart Walk and through his weight loss, has cured his sleep apnea for the last two years. Skip is eager to enhance his cardio training as he prepares for his first formal 5K run.

Feeling inspired to change your own life? Grab a pair of the right running shoes and run along with the #HeartLove Training Plan!

Be sure to watch Team #HeartLove every Thursday morning on Great Day Washington as we document their progress, fun and challenges along the way. You can keep up with the team here every other day of the week. Go Team #HeartLove!