Homemade rye bread recipe

An easy recipe for a quick rye bread that's perfect for toast, sandwiches or a quick snack.

What's better than the sweet aroma of homemade bread? A quick recipe for homemade bread!

Here's a simple rye bread recipe from Chef Miranda Rosenfelt from Sally’s Middle Name:

Bread flour 650g

Rye flour 150g

Caraway seed 17g

Nigella seed 17g

Salt 22g

Yeast 10g

Water 600g

Mix everything in a bowl, wrap with plastic, sit for 18 - 24 hours, form the bread, rise for 2 hours, place in a preheated Dutch oven at 475, score the top of the bread, bake 30 minutes with the lid on, 30 minutes with the lid off and you're done!

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