The ups and downs of March 2014

They say that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, but this March seemed to have more of a Jekyll and Hyde personality! Now that March is mercifully over, and the month of April has gotten off to a pretty nice start, I think it's time to look back on the crazy month that was March 2014.

First, a breakdown of the high temperatures for the month. Keep in mind that the average high at Reagan National on March 1st is 51°, and that average high rises to 61° by March 31st.

Days of 70°+... 3
Days of 60°+... 8
Days of 50°+... 6
Days of 40°+... 7
Days of 30°+... 7

Only about 1 out of every 5 days in March were in the 50s, despite this being a "typical" high temperature during this month! Also notice the startling number of days with high temps in the 30s. 7 days; that's an entire week's worth of 30s! Even more bizarre, each of our three days with highs in the 70s were followed by temperatures in the 20s, less than 48 hours later!

March 11th- High temp of 72°. March 13th- Low temp of 23°.
March 15th- High temp of 70°. March 17th- Low temp of 27°. (It snowed on March 16th & 17th.)
March 22nd- High temp of 73°. March 24th- Low temp of 26°. (It snowed on March 25th.)

During the month of March 2014, we recorded 12.7" of snow at Reagan National. This ranks as the fifth-snowiest March in recorded DC history. The snow fell in three separate "snowstorms", and there were two other days of recorded snow at DCA. In most years, it only snows on one day in the entire month, but this year, we had six days with at least a trace of snow! It was certainly an unusual month. It remains to be seen if April will throw us any curveballs. We start the month with an average high temperature of 62°, and by the end of April, the average high is up to 71°. Record high temps for the month range between 87° and 95°. The most recent April "heat wave", with temperatures above 90° for three days or longer, happened on April 16th-18th, 2002. It's been twelve years since we've had a heat wave in April in DC! Does that mean we are due for another? :-)


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