NW DC speed camera leads to confusion

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Are speed cameras in the District already driving you crazy? We found one spot where police said the speed limit was one thing, while the sign said another.

If you drive northwest along Massachusetts Ave towards 46th Street in Northwest D.C., you'll see three things: an electronic sign posting your speed, signs telling you the speed limit is 30, that it's photo-enforced, and then a brand-new speed camera.

But, the District had the speed limit posted on their website as 25 miles per hour. John Townsend of AAA Mid-Atlantic also wants to know which is correct, "This could be an honest mistake or this could be that somebody didn't do their homework."

Steve Castro of Northwest D.C. says this is confusing, "If that's scheduled to give you a warning after 25, then they're cheating the public, and that's shady."

It turns out, the Metropolitan Police Department made a mistake.

After WUSA9's call, police looked at the speed camera, and shortly after, the speed limit for that area listed on the website was updated to 30 miles per hour.

MPD says it did not issue any warnings to drivers based on a 25 miles per hour limit. Since the camera is new, it's set to issue warnings until the grace period is over.

But even so, Townsend says drivers face more confusion because MPD will not disclose how many miles leeway the camera will give you before it issues a warning, "They've never said it but it's between 10 and 11 miles per hour."

Based on Townsend's assessment, in that 30 miles per hour zone, you could get a ticket for driving 40 or 41 miles per hour. The electronic "Your Speed" signs that you pass before the camera display differently depending on your speed.

However, Townsend asks why are these speed signs blinking yellow when a driver is going 31 miles per hour, and red when another driver hits 35 miles per hour, "So all of it needs to be coordinated, all of it needs to be less confusing and less confounding to motorists.

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