5 sports topics to talk about at Thanksgiving dinner

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) - Every year on Thanksgiving Day when we are around our family and friends, choosing a safe topic for everyone to join in on can be a bit difficult.

But this year I've got you covered.

Sports are always my favorite conversation topic to discuss at outings, and Thanksgiving is no different.

I’m going to let you know the 5 sports related topics that are sure to keep the conversation going.

  1. LaVar Ball and this rest of the Ball family. Everyone who has social media is sure to know this name and have an opinion about how he handles his “family  business”.

    Whether you agree or disagree with him, he’s sure to make good conversation with your family. Especially the Lakers’ fans.

  2. The Philadelphia Eagles and their insanely good record this year. 

    It seems like this NFL season has been filled with only injuries and suspensions. But the Philly team that has won 8 straight isn’t having any trouble at all. In fact, they’re on track to go the Super Bowl and win. Seeing how so many people feel their own team will make it to the big game in February, this topic could keep people talking for hours.

  3. College football playoffs. 

     Will Clemson make it in? Is Alabama overrated? Will Wisconsin get left out? These are all great questions if you love college football or are talking to someone who does. college football has changed so much in the past two years and the college football playoffs are a big part of that. Bring up a college that is in the top four of the rankings, and people will not stop debating.

  4. Does college basketball need a timeout?

    With all the scandals about schools and athletic companies paying players, college basketball has some work to do on their image. Maybe your school is involved and you want to vent to your family about it. Or maybe you feel like the NCAA is the real issue, and you want to share why. In any case, this conversation has legs that can keep going all night long.

  5. Are you tired of the same teams playing on Thanksgiving?

    Do you want to see your team play for a change? For as long as I can remember the Lions and Cowboys have always played on Thanksgiving. I have nothing against these two teams, but it’s like always eating vanilla ice cream when there are so many other flavors.

There you have it. 5 sports topics that will keep your conversation with your family away from the hard stuff like politics, religion, and your dating life.

Thank me later.  


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