WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- You have to go way up to get to Bruce Anderson's world. Nestled in the Verizon Center rafters is the prince of ebony and ivory. Anderson is the man responsible for all the organ music you hear when as you're watching a game.

"Thirteen years for the Caps and three for the Wizards," says Anderson. He jams, and fans follow suit, although they probably never notice him.

"You kind of feed off the crowd energy." Anderson comes prepped with his playlist that he selects. In this world, he's the disc jockey.

"I've got my go to stuff, which is the chants and the cheers." But he can also break programming.

"I have a bunch of pop stuff I like to throw in." How about heavy metal?

"I play In-A-Gotta-Da-Vida every now and then," he says with a big smile laughing. How about R&B? Well only for certain audiences.

"Yeah the Wizards, I'd say that was a little more of an urban playlist I guess you could say," says Anderson laughing. I get it, so he's open to all musical genres although he didn't like my Prince 1999 request, c'mon Bruce!!

But he did let me rock the organ for a few precious seconds. Which If you were at the arena you now know why I chose reporting and not music.

Anderson makes the music decisions, but when he plays is governed by a producer who signals in his ear.

"Right now they're calling for a Holtby (Braden) chant," says Anderson. Moments later he's blasting out a tune and the crowd responds. This particular night, however, was a tough one. The Caps faltered and the crowd fizzled, but that didn't deter him. Anderson is a lifelong Caps fan and he's right where he wants to be.

"Just the atmosphere, being around the teams it's exciting."

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