WASHINGTON (WUSA9/USA Today) -- On Wednesday, Connecticut officials released the nine-one-one tapes from the day of the Sandy Hook school shootings in Newtown almost a year ago.

You won't hear them on our air.

After reviewing the tapes, and some emotional discussion in our newsroom and on our Facebook page, we decided their limited news value was not enough to justify the emotional pain it might cause some of our viewers.

Your biggest take-away from listening to them was the calm heroism of the 911 operators, and the teachers protecting their children.

If you choose, you can listen to them here on

Connecticut officials didn't want to release the 911 tapes, but a judge ruled in favor of the Associated Press and other news organizations who said the tapes were a public record.

The judge said "delaying the release... only serves to fuel speculation about and undermine confidence in our law enforcement officials."

Families of the Newtown victims were split on the issue.

On the tapes, custodian Rick Thorne tells dispatchers that he "keeps hearing popping noises'' before he's warned to take cover. On another call, an unidentified teacher says "it sounds like there are gunshots in the hallway." A dispatcher tells her to ''keep everyone calm, keep everyone down, keep everyone from the windows."

The unidentified wounded teacher, shot in a hallway, retreats to a classroom. A dispatcher asks "Are you okay right now?" and the teacher responds; "For now, hopefully."

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