WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- Sweet and sappy Clydesdale commercial tops the Super Bowl ads, says USA Today Ad Meter.

Forget the battle of the Superbowl, 2013 may be the remembered for the battle of the supermodel, when it comes to commercials, that is.

USA Today's Ad Meter has been ranking and rating the top Superbowl commercials for a quarter of a century, and celebrities like kate Upton and Bar Rafaeli usually rank pretty high.

This year, USA Today did it a little differently. They used to invite participants to their McLean, Virginia offices to watch the game and vote. But this year, more than 7,000 people signed up to vote online.

Kate Upton wasn't even alive when the first ad won. It was an American Express commercial, starring Jon Lovitz and Dana Carvey.

Laura Petrecca of USA Today knows what works, "Humorous ads, entertaining ads, anything that's really a little bit over the top or buzz worthy tend do well. Celebrities, animals, babies all do well."

We'll start with the bad news first. The bottom ranking ad was a GoDaddy ad starring supermodel Bar Rafaeli kissing a guy most would call asuper geek.

Now, to the good.

The third highest ranking commercial was a black and white ad called Farmer that, in the end, revealed a Dodge Ram truck.

The second most popular ad was for the laundry detergent Tide. It featured a stain that mysteriously resembled Joe Montana.

And, the top ad for Superbowl 2013 was,drum-rollplease, a touching and, depending on how sensitive you are, even tear-jerking commercial for Budweiser where a man and his Clydesdale reunite.

For a complete rundown, go to USA Today's Ad Meter:

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