WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) - On Monday, hundreds of thousands will line the streets to celebrate President Barack Obama. No doubt they are all big fans, but have any of them written a song for him?

Royal Height of Prince George's County has. (That's his real name, btw) The R&B singer-turned-D.C.-street vendor-turned- biggest-Barack-fan-on-the-block-turned-presidential-theme-song-singer wrote his song, "Barack Steady," before the last inauguration. He says it took him just 45 minutes. "As an artist, when it happens, it just happens," he said.

And, it's been happening ever since. In four years, Royal's ironically sung it for kings, politicians, and tons of regular people too. But with the inauguration upon us, you might think he'll soon be seeing the song's best days in the rear view mirror.

Not so, says the Prince George's County optimist, "Even though the election is over, it's a celebration at this point, and the record company that I'm with, we've declared our song an official collectible," he said.

Since last time around, Height's tuned up the lyrics, and has a fancy new video. But his goals are still modest. "On this song, my initial goal was to have one hundred million people to hear it and appreciate it. Everybody wants a million, but I'm a hundred times better than that," he said.

Height met us at his favorite record shop, Memory Lane Records in Forrestville. The store sells his CD, if you're wondering.

If it sounds familiar, of course, it is: the melody is from a Whispers song. But the words, and the sentiment, are all Royal.

If you want to see the video or buy the song, you can at

To be clear, It's not an official theme song as far as we know. Height is coming out with some new music, and timely enough, his next single is called "Tired of Living Paycheck to Paycheck."

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