WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- Could victory rise from the ashes of defeat? Two influential Senators predicted today that gun background checks will be back. Republican John McCain and Democrat Charles Schumer say new gun laws could rebound from their recent setback in the Senate within the year.

Hoping to change the dynamics, gun law advocates are taking their case to the lobbyists they say helpeddefeat new rules.

A hundred guncontrol advocates marched down K Street, gathering outside the offices of some of the big time lobbyists they are convinced killed even a bipartisan deal for stepped up background checks. "They're the ones that move in the shadows and get their 30coins of silver," says Cliff Schecter, one of theprotesters.

He advocates say the lobbyist made $100's of thousands from groups like the NRA. "We're going to name you and we're going to shame you. And that starts today,"Schecter told the crowd.

Watching with interest, a dreaded lobbyist, "We support background checks, universal background checks, at gun shows," said Richard Feldman of the Independent Firearm Owners Association.

Feldman says gun control activists lost because they over-reached, particularly on an assault weapons ban. "Instead of focusing on a narrow agenda that might have passed, everything was on the table. They wanted everything, and they got nothing."

"See what an AK-47 does to a body and then come to me and tell me why it's a good idea for private citizens to have a mass weapon of war," respondedPatricia Jeffries of DC, who was displaying a gruesomeautopsy picture of her granddaughter. Shesays an assault weapons ban is critical.

Her 16 year old granddaughter was the first and youngest to die in a massacre three years ago at a funeral on South Capitol Street. "Our government is not coming at you with AK-47, so why do you need an AK-47? A deer is not going to charge you with an AK-47."

Neither side of the debate shows any sign of backing down.
The activists are promising noisy, pot and pan banging protests outside the lobbyists' homes in the suburbs.

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