WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) -- The 113th Congress was officially sworn in Thursday. It's about the pomp and circumstance but after the celebrations, members of Congress have to get to work.

Newly sworn in Democratic Senator Tim Kaine joins his old partner Mark Warner in the Senate. The former Virginia governors will be working side by side again, this time in a divided Congress.
Kaine, "We have a lot of work out of the gate, but I'm ready to do the heavy lifting and work on the committees, armed services, budget and foreign relations. I'm enjoying today but I'm ready to roll up my sleeves."

In the House, newly sworn in Maryland Democrat John Delaney knows the tough road ahead in the majority held Republican House.
Congressman Delaney defeated former Republican Congressman Roscoe Bartlett after 20 years in Maryland's 6th district.

The incoming freshman of the 113th Congress will have to work hard to change its image, having the lowest approval rating in history.
Rep. John Delaney, (D-MD), "They way to improve its image is by doing something. If we do something our approval raiting will go up."

But take it from the senior senator, the road ahead won't be easy.
Senator Mark Warner, "It's embarrassing what happened in the last week. People have the right to be frustrated. We avoided the cliff but we have to break more eggs. The status quo isn't working. To have to one more person who will work with both sides will be a great addition in the Senate."

The senate gained 15 new members, taking into account those who have retired and the passing of Senator Inouye. The House has gained 84, but the balance of power remains.

The honeymoon period was pretty much over the moment they were sworn into office. Now the new Congress has to work on Friday for billions needed to help Hurricane Sandy victims and then deal with the nation's debt ceiling and mandatory cuts.

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