WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Eight public schools closest to theNavy Yardwere on lockdown Monday. Most of the students at Tyler Elementary have been through drills and knew what to expect during the lockdown but Monday was very real for them and their parents.

Today begins like any normal day but Monday Tyler Elementary was under lockdown following the Navy Yard shooting that claimed 12 innocent lives.

ElizabethGodec is in the Spanish Immersion Program. "They locked the doors so we could stay safe in case somebody tries to do something bad to you," shared Elizabeth about Monday.

We asked her if that made her nervous. "No. It's because my teacher, she said that we were in a safe place," replied Elizabeth.

Her father, Michael Godec, said thatthey discussed what happened when he came home. "We did. and talked a little bit about how a bad person did some things. Bad things do happen periodically and we need to take precautions, but that doesn't mean life is bad or people are bad," saidGodec.

In the 8-year-old's world, the love and safety of her family at home and in school are what matters most."My dad rocked me. We were completely safe," said Elizabeth.

Several parentswere locked inside the building Monday and helped staff and teachers keep everyone calm.

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