HOUSTON -- She knew it was going to be tough, but Sherry Gonzalez was determined to find her stolen ring.

"I just took matters into my own hands to go out there and try to find it on my own," Gonzalez told us.

Playing detective actually started in June 2013.

Surveillance camera video helped capture the burglars who broke into her house and stole that wedding band all while her daughter, the nanny and that woman's son hid in the closet.

Nearly a year later, Gonzalez got a phone call from the prosecutor.

She told her that one of the suspects spilled the beans on where they sold the 3.5 carat diamond ring.

"I immediately said I need to go, I need to go find this guy," she explained.

That's when her detective mode kicked in again.

She went store to store at PlazAmericas in Sharpstown, looking for the particular jewelry shop.

It was closed and she later learned that Houston Police had already been there.

"We raided that place two weeks ago," an officer told Gonzalez. "We made some arrests and confiscated a bunch of jewelry so maybe your stuff is there."

Detectives sent her tons of pictures and somehow, even though it was dirty~ Gonzalez laid eyes on her prized possession.
"Just to be able to recover that it's just priceless," she said. "I thank God it happened the way it happened you know."

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